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Starz Lighting has a range of high quality energy saving lamps designed to help save you money and play a part in protecting the environment.

Why Save Energy?

Now, trees are being cut and fossil fuels are been burnt to create energy. This form of energy is quickly running out.

 At a rate of four football pitche areas an hour, tree forests are being eradicated. Carbon dioxide levels are rising and the oxygen density is falling. Soon, there will not be enough oxygen to sustain human life on earth.

 What is needed is the creation of a sustainable energy that will not impact the environment. This could come from sources like solar and wind power.

Save money by helping the Environment. You can help the environment when using Starz Lighting Energy Saving Lamps. Use only 20% of the POWER. Energy saving lamps are five times brighter than traditional bulbs, they use 80% less power to give the same light intensity.

 LESS WEAR AND TEAR, LESS HASSLE. ESL lamps last a lot longer then traditional lamps. They contain phosphor tubes that glow when charged. There is no filament to burn out and switching on or off does not reduce the lamp lifetime ® Copyright  By StarzElectronics. Powered By Création site web Tunisie All rights reserved © 2009-2016